Petek 1855

The Story of Petek Leather started in 1855 in Veles, a town that lies in the heart of today’s Macedonia. Mr. Ismail was a well known artisan of his time, immersed in alutation and saddlery works.

Mr. Ismail’s son Hüseyin was born in 1882. Hüseyin was fascinated by his father’s occupation. In time, the father passed the particulars of the alutation craft to his son. Yet after a while, the teachings of his father were not enough to satisfy the curiosity of him. In pursuance of further self-improvement, Hüseyin traveled with a fellow traveler to Austria, the place where the best leather masters of the era were raised; and devoted his labors to a master, acquiring the most delicate and sophisticated nuances and techniques of the craft. Later on, after returning to Veles/Macedonia, he enhanced his father’s style with the new techniques and continued his occupation with leather goods. The locals began calling him “Saraç” (the Saddler), he was later referred to as “Saraç Hüseyin”.  Saraç Hüseyin became widely famous because of his quality leather goods in many other towns and cities as well. As time went on, Hüseyin noticed his eldest son’s growing attention toward the craft. Hüseyin then decided training his son Hamdi as a Saddler, thus following the tradition of passing the art from father to son.

Saraç Hamdi immigrated to Turkey in 1954 where the family took the surname “Saraçkardeşler” (Saddler Brothers).

Hamdi Saraçkardeşler has brought the craft of saddlery to Istanbul

Loyal to the family tradition, sons of Hamdi Saraçkardeşler, Kemal, Mustafa and Ismet have been diligently maintaining the ages-old family business of Saddlery as the proud fourth generation. They are dedicated to superior quality for Petek Saraciye and launch their products to global markets with Petek – 1855 brand with the contemporary perspective of the new generation.

Today, Petek is stronger than ever with the arrivals of 5th generation; a firm sought-after by the world’s greatest brands for the production of their goods